Saturday, April 28, 2012

So just recovered from a month of set and puppet building. Stopped moving long enough to let a cold catch up with me.
Anyway, the set looks great (Shawn Mortensen-designer), and if I do say, the Pinocchio puppet turned out very well.
I designed and built the body, and Debbie Bowman designed the costume. Robert Oldroyd wears it well, and does a great job bringing the wooden parts to life.
We also used some of the puppets I built for UVU's production of Charlotte's Web. Special thanks to UVU and the Noorda Theatre for letting us use them.
We also did two exhausting yet very fun improv outreach shows for SCERA Park Elementary. Special thanks to the teachers and chaperones for being such good sports.

Well on to our next production, The Wizard of Oz, and me getting a show ready for the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Can't decide if I want to continue working on a show Bronwyn and I did in SLC, or start a new project I really want to do. Maybe I will start and see if I get it close enough with time to rehearse.
Anyway, go see My Son Pinocchio at the SCERA, playing through May 12th. And check out this review...

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